Wholesale Voice Termination

Affordable, competitive and high quality voice termination across the globe

  • Least cost routing managed by our professional and experienced trading team
  • We use advanced, least cost routing technologies and tools.
  • 3 Service Levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver
  • Global (A-Z) coverage to ensure extensive market penetration
  • Flexible, scalable, modular and customised wholesale services to cater individual client needs.
  • Combination of pricing and performance to suit any specific needs and local market demands
  • High-tech, online web reporting facility
  • 24/7 customer service to guarantee complete client satisfaction

Soft-Switch (Grade-5) Partition

  • Carriers have the opportunity to use Teleka’s latest equipment and efficient billing platform to start selling airtime
  • We offer fully integrated and practically efficient turnkey solutions bundled with Quintum and Cisco hardware, carrier services and technical support
  • Carriers can commence operations within 7-10 days
  • Low-risk and easy to use outsourcing facilities which enables wholesale carries to aggregate existing interconnects and create virtual routes.

Be you own Voice Wholesaler

  • Teleka offers a unique ‘White Label’ package for new carriers
  • Cost-effective wholesale voice rates offered to carriers starting their own business
  • Low start-up costs based on individual carrier’s capacity needs
  • Easy online payment and balance checking facility
  • Excellent customer service and superior voice quality
  • Fast and easy account activation

Teleka’s White Label Package for wholesale carriers – Why Choose Us?

  • Immediate access to over 400 direct routes
  • Easy purchase of traffic at wholesale rates
  • Carriers can sell our services under their own logo and brand name
  • Transparent, advanced and user-friendly interface and online reporting on quality and traffic
  • Effective and efficient exchange model, back-office support and cost-effective route management.
  • Support, technical training, security and reliable billing platform, to minimise new market entry risks.
  • TDM and VoIP
  • Set and manage your own selling rate tables